Where can I change my password?

Our platform uses a dynamic password system which changes each time it is used, this key is sent by email when requested, for this reason, there is no fixed password or option to change the password or recover it.

How can I delete my account?

On your profile page you can request the deletion of your account, this process can take up to 8 days to complete

I received an email with a temporary password to access, but I did not request it, what should I do?

No need to worry, your account is safe. If you didn't request the access code, don't worry, you may simply omit the email and that would be it. This can happen because someone entered a wrong email or tried to access your account, but as long as you do not share the code that you received, your account is safe.

After deleting my account, can I get my codes back?

No, if the deletion process has already been executed, you will no longer be able to recover your codes.

Can I cancel the request to delete my account?

Yes, as long as the process has not been executed. At any time you can access your profile and in the account deletion tab you can cancel the application process.

How can I contact a user?

If the user has social networks added to their profile, you only need to click on one of them and you will be instantly redirected to their page from which you can establish direct contact with the user.

Can I downgrade if I delete my codes?

Yes, but with certain conditions, you will not lose your level if you are an active user, but if a period of 6 months of inactivity passes in your account you can lose your level, it will be recalculated according to your active codes on the platform.

Do the created codes have any limits?

Each code you save must be less than 500KB in size and snippets must be less than 150KB

How many codes can I have?

The number of codes allowed depends on the level you have in your account, check the table of levels and their benefits in your profile page. Snippets have no limits and limitations are not taken into account.

What licenses do the published codes have in skriper.dev?

When you publish code to skriper.dev it is then licensed under the MIT license. If your code is private we do not give it any license and you can license it as you may please, we recommend that you include the type of license as a comment in your code. Remember that when publishing a code in creeper.dev publicly other users can “fork” your code, skriper.dev keeps as a reference the original code from where the fork was made as an attribution of the respective credits.

What are account levels?

These are ranges that allow accounts to be identified. These ranges are obtained by fulfilling some parameters that are described in your profile page.

What do I do if my code is copied?

Copying a code is performing a "copy & paste" and not a fork, the fork maintains the respective relationship with the code from which it was copied, but if you consider that the code was copied, you can send us a review request to our email. If you want to disable the fork option in your code, just go to settings in the editor and disable the fork option.

How can I add a mockup phone in my preview?

In your CSS add the next decorator: /* @skriper mockup:phone */

How create picture of my code and share it

Only select your code and press CTRL + Enter and customize your picture. In the next video we will show how can execute your JS code and share it.

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